Graduated from Damascus
       university of medicine in 2016.
      Currently studying at Artscience
      in The Hague, NL


I miss your other eyes: Lecture-performacne as part of New Radicalisms festival, Rotterdam, NL, 2022.

Malbous Tarqus: Noise album produced in collaboration with Aswat Naqisa and released on radio Alhara and Ma3azef radio, 2022.

Hibernation residency in collaboration with, Spain, 2022.

Co-founder and program organiser at Under the Table: Art space in Arnhem, 2020-present.

Hosting Parasite radio at Under the Table in collaboration with Sonsbeek 20-24 art program, Arnhem, 2021.

I miss your other eyes: Lecture-performace as part of the program and group exhibition of Queer Diasporas, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, 2020.

Panorama of the West Bank: Digital Residency at Off Site Project which resulted in a research and an online lecture performance, 2020.

Digital zine published on Google street-view as part of a digital exhibition organised at Mezrab, Amsterdam, 2020.

Lecture performance using Grindr (dating app) as part of the Studium Generale parasite lecture series, KABK, 2020.